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Tridays Rumble, Neukirchen am Großvenediger, County of Pinzgau, Principality Salzburg, Austria

360 ° degrees panorama, Tridays Neukirchen

Everything began quite simply - with an idea. An idea that excited others and, shortly thereafter, became reality. Uli Brée, actually a screenwriter by profession (though in his second life a passionate Triumph fan) - after having put in a long day of writing, had the idea of a special event. So he wrote it down. You can always tell a good idea if you can explain it in just a few sentences: Transform Neukirchen for three days into Newchurch.Three days long, everything is English. English food, English bands, English road signs, English comedians, English weather and English motorcycles. Through his friend and Triumph dealer, Jürgen Schnaller, Uli Brée presented his concept to Triumph. Just two days later he received a phone call: "Hello, this is Michael Nier, I am CEO for Triumph Germany, when can we meet?" Just a few more days later and they got together in Neukirchen.

One year afterwards, Triays take place for the first time. 150 volunteer assistants, 50 volunteer tour guides (all of whom are Triumph riders or fans) and a highly professional organisational team ensure that everything goes without a hitch. The entire town stands squarely behind Tridays, extending a heartfelt welcome to thousands of motoryclists. A sincerity and open-heartedness which carries over to the entire event and all who attend. No rip-offs, no exorbitant prices - quite the opposite, Neukirchen is proud of its Tridays!

The Triumph Company truly appreciates everything we do and never hesitates to demonstrate its respect towards Neukirchen. More than 50 test bikes are brought in every year, while a megastore with a full range of Triumph products is constructed especially for the event. Umpteen Triumph dealers are represented and Kevin Carmichales's stunt show is sponsored by Triumph as well. In 2007 the Street Triple was presented to the press at Triays. And in 2008, Triumph Italy also got involved as a permanent partner of the event. From one small idea, ohne giant party has sprung. And it just keeps on growing and growing!

Meanwhile it is the world's biggest Triumph event.

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